Walking the Snowdon Horseshoe: Crib Goch to Y Lliwedd

The national Park of Snowdonia lies in the northernmost corner of Wales. It separates the Isle of Anglesey, lying off the north west coast, from the rest of the British Isles with deep glacial valleys and the highest peaks in the United Kingdom outside of the Scottish Highlands. One such peak, distinctively pyramidal in appearance and surrounded by accompanying aretes, is that of Snowdon. Named Yr Wyddfa in the Welsh language, meaning tomb or monument, it is believed to be the final resting placeContinue reading “Walking the Snowdon Horseshoe: Crib Goch to Y Lliwedd”

Cádiz, Andalucía

At first glance, the Spanish city of Cádiz can seem not too different from the strips of the sunshine coast on the Mediterranean side of Gibraltar. The more modern part of the city seems centered around highrise lined boulevards and palms that stretch alongside the Atlantic. But continue along the Island to its northern tip and you find its true history – and beauty – plain to see. Tucked away between the southern coast of Portugal and the great limestone monolith of Gibraltar, CádizContinue reading “Cádiz, Andalucía”

East Quantoxhead, Somerset

The north coast of Devon and Somerset have a lot in the way of beauty. If you’re after classical beauty by the way of rolling hills of heather or a landscape shaped by the twisted roots of old English Oaks, the little nook found at the southern strait of the Bristol Channel has it all. But while it holds all of these stereotypical English landscapes close to it’s chest, it also hides some more alien vistas. Just off of the A39, between the betterContinue reading “East Quantoxhead, Somerset”

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