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From Philosophy to Religion

In times of political upheaval and religious extremism, the concept of Humanism tends to rise. The last time this occurred a new religion was born, but could we learn from the principles that were at play?

Edward Colston – Hero to Harbour

A deep dive into the life and times of the secretive slave trader to see how the sale of human beings influenced and helped foster the world we live in today, from corporations to taxation.

Fingers in Pies – India & Exploitation

As peaceful protest around new agriculture laws in India brings Dehli to a standstill, the role of foreign forces in fermenting the current climate surprisingly stretches back to British occupation in the 1800’s.

Talking Trees

Research into what’s under the forest floor has unearthed interesting findings about how trees can communicate, as well as who’s helping them.

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Ahmaud Arbery – Thoughts on Another Day in America from TCC

With the release of a video on tuesday showing the killing of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia, US, another statistic is added to the list of unarmed black men killed by armed white men in the United States. In this most recently published case a vigilante ex-cop, Gregory McMichael saw the 25-year-old Ahmaud jogging past theirContinue reading “Ahmaud Arbery – Thoughts on Another Day in America from TCC”


From music to cuisine, there are many passions that have led to the birth of culture. Here we look into some of the arts that make us who we are.


For something that surrounds us at all times, mystery still shrouds many parts of the natural world. In this area we try to untangle some of the many riddles left by mother nature.


Depending on when and where you are or are from, understandings of knowledge can alter and change. Understanding these changes and patterns can help you think critically about the world around you.

In a world where information is everywhere, knowledge and understanding seem to be in short supply.

With a warming world and warring economies our planet can seem a little on the heavy side as of late and opinions about all of these stories fly around the internet like starlings around Rome.

So what can we do?

Here at The Clueless Conscience…

…we try to draw on subjects we think are interesting or that we think deserve further discussion in society so that we can expand our horizons and think more critically about the world we live in.

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