January, 2020


Geode Selection


If you’re still finding your way out of the haze of the Christmas period, struggling to get into the groove of work again, London-based producer Geode may have your back. Mixing a serious love of the deeper, darker dubstep found on labels like Deep Medi with the smoother sounds of garage , this first solo LP showcases Geodes ability to create soothing soundscapes with sweeping jazzy melodies that blend seamlessly into sub-bass serenades.

From the first tune this album states its intent. However it’s with the following two songs, “Ruh” and “Oblong”, that this album really gets going. If listening to “Ruh” without knowing the artists back catalogue you’d be forgiven for thinking its space-filled, echoey piano introduction could be leading into a hard hitting hip-hop beat reminiscent of Jehsts earlier productions. However instead it resolves its way into a relaxing pulse of sound, with Clara Tivey providing the tinkling keys. For me the next song, “Oblong” is the standout production from this LP. With its techy drums, simple melody and pulsing low-end, this song is actually the reason I decided to check out this LP. With the hook stuck in my head without a song name or artist attached I was hopelessly trawling through my recently saved songs trying to turn over the right stone, yet I found a boulder. The industrial sounds lead you through a relaxing yet vibey four-and-a-half minutes, you’ll be hard pressed not to be moving your head as you listen to this stepper of a soundscape.

And steppers are what this album gives you, with all twelve productions striving to provide movement to your morning or whatever time of day you give it. From the techy almost ambient “Ode” to the 2-step groove of “Variations on a Theme” this album gives a good insight into the breadth of Geodes producing skill, as well as providing a hopeful insight into what’s forthcoming from him and label Deep Heads in this coming year! My ears will certainly be open.

Rating 8/10

Standout Oblong

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